Mathematics is a subject with a rich history; some of its techniques, problems and results go back thousands of years.  Mathematics and Statistics are subjects that are constantly evolving and creating exciting new theories, challenging problems and applications. Aside from being the basis of all scientific and engineering disciplines, new mathematical and statistical methods and models are used in areas such as modern communication, computer and software development, public-security cryptography, image and voice recognition, banking and finance, automatic translation, testing of new drugs and ecological impact studies.


Our Department is recognized for the reputation of its members in a variety of fields.  Areas in which departmental members are particularly active include:


Actuarial & Financial Mathematics   


Dynamical Systems  

Group Theory  

Mathematics Education  

Mathematical Physics & Differential Geometry  

Number Theory & Computer Algebra  

Probability and Statistics 


There is also much emphasis on applications in other fields such as Biology, Finance, Mathematical Computing, Image Recognition and Signal Processing.

Our programs are designed to provide students with the training needed for research and development, as well as many jobs in industry and business. Mathematics and statistics students acquire problem-solving skills and logical-thinking abilities that employers value highly and have ample career opportunities in many areas, including:

Actuarial Sciences:

Insurance, employee benefits, pension consulting, risk management, software development

Mathematical and Computational Finance

Banking, energy and commodities markets, financial modelling, financial engineering, portfolio management, risk management, ratings and regulatory agencies, trading

Pure and Applied Math/Mathematics and Statistics/Computer Applications:

Banking, computational geometry, cryptography, higher education, industrial and government research, software development


Biostatistics, data analysis, government agencies, management/statistical consulting, polling agencies, scientific research, survey analysis, software development

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Need help with math? The Department offers a Math Help Centre for Students in MATH 200 to 209 & MAST 214. 

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