Lea Popovic

Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University

I am an associate professor at Concordia University in Montreal. I was a postdoc at Cornell University and at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. I received my PhD from the University of California Berkeley and an Hon BSc degree from the University of Toronto.

Contact Information:
Address: Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University, Montreal QC H3G 1M8
Phone: (514)848-2424 ext.5854; Fax: (514)848-2831
Email: lea (dot) popovic (at) concordia (dot) ca
Office: LB (SGW) 921-07

My research interests are in probability theory and its applications, in particular, analysis of stochastic processes related to evolutionary biology, genetics, cell and systems biology.

In the news: My PhD student Mariolys Rivas wrote a thesis (and two papers) that were featured in the local news




  • "Large deviations for multi-scale jump-diffusion processes" (with R.Kumar), to appear in Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 24 pp, 2016. - pdf
  • "How spatial heterogeneity shapes multi-scale biochemical reaction network dynamics" (with P.Pfaffelhuber), Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Vol 12(104), 8pp (+9pp SI), 2015. - pdf
  • "Topology and inferrence for multitype Yule trees" (with M. Rivas), Journal of Mathematical Biology, 41 pp, 2016. - pdf
  • "The coalescent point-process of multi-type branching trees" (with M. Rivas), Stochastic Processes and Applications, Vol 124(12), 29 pp, 2014. - pdf
  • "Scaling limits of spatial chemical reaction networks" (with P.Pfaffelhuber), Annals of Applied Probability, Vol 25(6), 47 pp, 2015. - pdf
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  • Ph.D. Thesis (2003), UC Berkeley. - pdf

Curriculum Vitae: 

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