Recent conferences

- "The higher-genus sigma function and applications"
 International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinbourg, UK , October 11-15, 2010
- "Geometry, Dynamics and Integrable systems", Belgrade, September 7-13, 2010
- "Main Conference of Program on Geometry and Dynamics of Teichmller Spaces", Hausdorff
Research Institute, June 14 - 18, 2010, Bonn, Germany
- "Spectral invariants and Moduli spaces", Korean Institute for Advanced studies, Seoul, S.Korea,
June 17-23, 2010
- "Integrable Systems in Pure and Applied Mathematics", Sardinia, Italy, June 8 - 12, 2010
- "Combinatorics of moduli spaces, cluster algebras and symplectic invariants", May 24-28, 2010,
Moscow, Russia
- "Integrability and geometry", Obergurgl, Austria, December 13-20, 2008
- "Combinatorics of moduli spaces, Hurwitz numbers and cluster algebras", Moscow,
June 2-7, 2008
- "Painleve Equations and Monodromy Problems: Recent Developments", Newton Institute for
Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK, September 2006
- "Riemann surfaces: analytical and numerical methods", Leipzig, Germany, May-June 2006
- "Special Session on Global Perspectives on the Geometry of Riemann Surfaces" of Sectional
meeting of American Mathematical Society, Durham, USA, April 2006
- "Integrable systems in Relativity", Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge,
UK, November 2005
- "Selected topics in Mathematical Physics", St.Petersburg, Russia, June 2005
- "Random matrices and their applications", Montreal, June-July 2005

   Conference Organization:

Short program "Moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces and related topics", CRM, Montreal,
June 4-15, 2007, organizers: M.Bertola and D.Korotkin